We provide safe heated storage areas with shelves and pallets in accordance with the standards.
We have a comprehensive CCTV system that looks after our assets and we have our own “home” security team.

We have the ability to store non-hazardous palletized products. Optionally, stock movements will be transmitted in electronic mail environment according to product and person.

Our modern warehouse management system ensures that your products are stored in accordance with the rules of sortation without the possibility of cross-contamination.

Warehouse allocation is carried out from 25m2 to 5000 m2 belonging to our company. It is possible to make supplementary personnel according to your demands and needs. Quality control application is carried out and coding process according to groups and names are made.

Kargolin Logistics is able to receive orders by establishing online connections between its computers and customers’ computers and packing slip can be made.

For the products and materials delivered to the warehouse, labeling, shrink and barcode operations are performed according to the needs.